A big reason for me to start offering tantra work is that I don’t agree with how tantra is taught in many places in the Western World.  It doesn’t match with what tantra is to me. Tantra to me is a way to connect deeply to your body, your breath, your connection to yourself and to the other person. Slowing down and really taking time to be, without any goal but just to enjoy the moment itself. And if you combine that with intentional touch, it can enrich your sexuality enormously.

I’ve experienced a lot of tantra schools and left most quiet soon. In my opinion there are two things that go wrong when we in the West practice and teach tantra. First it can ben to dogmatic for me. Of course tantra has a deep spiritual history. But in the West we can make it kind of fake spiritual with many ideas I don’t agree with and the leaders can be quiet icy and not authentic. Faking softness while at the same time being dogmatic has nothing to do with tantra.

The second and more dangerous thing I’m seeing with some big tantra schools is that it is very sex focused. That in itself would be fine. But it is mostly not done in a save way. Personal boundary’s and trauma are often seen as blockages you need to push through. Instead of a healing it can all be re-traumatising. This is done with people who have very little knowledge about trauma and how to make people feel safe. 

The tantra I would like to teach is practical, safe, challenging and respecting your boundary’s. We will keep our clothes on in the workshop, because everything you need to learn can be done with clothes on. It will be hot! But at home you can have even more fun with it.


You already have a quiet okay sex life but want to try something new. You have heard about tantra but it’s still very vague and you have no idea how to use it for yourself or your relationships? Or maybe you want to have more connection to yourself and to others in relationships and in sexual contexts.

Or you want to give a completely new dimension to your already fulfilling sexual, kink or bdsm play with tantra.

You and your partner have different desires, and one of you wants to explore more conscience sex and slowing down in the moment.

Do you find it difficult to create time for tantric practises in your busy life, with all the other balls already in the air?


  • Learning what tantra can do for you
  • Find a real safe space to explore tantra
  • Create a deeper connection to yourself and your partner(s)
  • Connect tantra with your kinks and fetishes
  • Explore a deeper connection with your partner(s)
  • Create practical and easy tantra practises for your day to day life
  • Heal past negative experiences with tantra
  • Being completely present in the moment without expectations

Want to know more about tantra?