During this 3 day retreat you wil learn together how to find a healthy place for your desires, kinks and/or fetishes in your sex life. This retreat is an exploration of yourself, your partner and your dynamic. During the workshops all clothes stay on.

This is for couples who

  • Experience shame, think of their desires as a taboo or have other emotional barriers they want to overcome and create a safe and healthy place in their relationship for their desires
  • Want to experience their desires while making, nourish and repair a connection in sexual play
  • Want to create connections, understanding and pleasure with different sexual desires within the relationship

This is for you when you’re interested in your own kink, fetish or sexual desires and you want to integrate that in your relationship. You have at one point looked at Fetlife or an equal platform or been to a munch or kink/fetish party. You have outfits, fantasies and or bought toys for play and want that to be part of your relationship.

What will we do

  • How to feel what we really want?
  • Where does shame come from, or when do we feel it’s a taboo or other negative emotions?
    • How to communicate what we want, how to express that?
    • What is a connection, and why is it so important?
    • What are the 4 sexual maps, and what does it mean for you two?
    • How to connect different desires?