Open relating & Polyamory

“Open relating can be any form of intimate relationship which is not deemed strictly monogamous”


We grow up with a very simple set of rules how to do relationships. 

We look, find and marry one person we stay with until death do us part. And that has been the standard in every book, movie and theater for a few centuries now.

So that doesn’t work for everyone, as we have proven for as long as this has been the standard. In reality every relationship will have its own very specific rules, patterns and agreements. Which can change over time. There is not one perfect model that will work for everyone. Every relationship needs different rules, values and agreements to make it work for every partner involved. 

I believe open relating & polyamory can be very successful relationship forms if you can find the right way for all parties involved. Being ready to take full responsibility for your own emotions will be a big part in successful open relating. It is important to understand and connect to each other attachment styles and be responsible for your own safety in the relationship(s), and those of your partner(s). 

What I do not want for you that you just start opening your relationship and see what happens, but do this together in a connected way. Open relating is not the solution for relationship problems, but an extension of your love and all the other good things in your relationship. What I wanna help you with is finding what way works for you. Where do you meet each other and where do you need to find a way with the differences. 


Are you interested in how open relating can work for you? Do you want to learn together what kind of relationship  will work for everyone? Do you want to learn what it is to have an open relationship, what it can bring you what will change for you and your partner(s)?

Have you had a monogamous relationship and does one of you want to open the relationship, or the other way around? Do you find open relating difficult and complex?

Do you and your partner have different expectations and needs in your relationship and do you want to find out how you can bridge that gap?

Do you feel insecure and jealous while even thinking of sharing your partner? And do you want to overcome old negative experiences so you can not live in the past and decide in the moment what is good for you?


  • To create healthy relationships with your partners
  • Opening up your previous closed relationship
  • To understand what you need and expect in relationships
  • Knowing what kind of open relationship will work for you and your partner(s)
  • Understanding what past experiences make you feel the way you do in relationships
  • Healing past trauma that get’s triggered here and now
  • Opening up to your partner(s) about your needs
  • Learning how to communicate in an open relationship
  • Create your own healthy & safe set of rules, agreements and intentions for your relationships

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