Kink & fetishes

“Having a kink means something is giving extra sexual energy and is considered by society not mainstream.”

The world of kink & fetishes is one of many presuppositions and judgements. But most people without even knowing it have one of more fantasies, interest or experience with ‘kinks’. A kink is nothing more than something that gives you sexual pleasure that society deems not mainstream. 

There is nothing good or bad about having a kink or not. When you do know what your kinks, fetishes or fantasies are it gives you the opportunity to have a more fulfilling sex life. It opens doors for exploration, new adventures and a deepened connection to yourself and others.

Because we all grow up with the pressure of societies opinion, a lot of kinks, fetishes and sexual desires come with shame and insecurities. Or we even have to learn understanding our own body, emotion and desires to know what we really want.

Because of the nature of certain kinks, for example power play or (sado)masochism it can ask for a deep connection where safety is key during play. And for example with anal sex it sometimes requires more preparation, a slower pace and a good understanding what your partner can handle. 

This often results in more impactful play and intens sexual experiences, hence the interest of so many people in kinks. It can give you many new worlds to explore and find out about, while reaching new levels of ecstasy, connection and intimacy.  

What I help people with is finding their own kinks, fetishes and desires. Whatever they are. In relationships I help understanding each others desires, and when it’s not shared a way how to still both enjoy them. And if you do know what you want I help you finding a safe and healthy place for them in your life and relationships. 


Do you want to know better what you like and what not? And do you want to know how to connect to a kink, fetish or desire from your partner you don’t share?

Or do you feel shame and insecurity about your own sexual preferences? Do these emotions make it difficult to enjoy your sex life?

Have you always had the feeling there is more to sex then you have experienced? Or do you want to create a safe & healthy space to explore different flavours?

Do you feel society, your friends or partners will negatively look at your personal preferences?

Do you want to break the pattern of unfulfilling sex and embrace every desire that you have?


  • Letting go of shame and insecurities
  • Finding freedom in your desires and acting on it
  • Enjoying the kinks, fetishes and desires of your partner(s)
  • Letting your partner(s) enjoy yours
  • Creating an healthy and safe space to enjoy your desires
  • Understanding your own body, emotions and energy to help you exploring your own desires
  • Finding out what your kinks, fetishes and desires are
  • Learning how to communicate about your kinks, fetishes and desires
  • Opening up to your partner(s) about your kinks, fetishes and desires

Want to know more about kink, fetishes and sexual desires?