Awesome Package

Choose the Awesome Package if you want a truly lasting impact in your life with fully incorporated sexual desires, fetishes & kinks.

You get 6 months of full support in your adventure to embrace your sexual desires, fetishes and kinks.

This package included:

  • An intake of 45 minutes
  • 6 full two hour coaching sessions
  • 5 on the spot emergency calls for support on the go
  • 2 professional recordings with personalised support
  • 3 training sessions of 2 hours with exclusive content relevant for your process
  • Personalised feedback

This package is for when you:

  • Take your proces of self discovery serious
  • Feel stuck in your sexual life for a long time now
  • Want to be truly sexually satisfied
  • Have traumas in the past holding you back
  • Have relationships failed because of your desires
  • Judge yourself over your own desires
  • Believe no one wants what you want