Open relating

About me

Part of what makes us human are our sexual desires. And because we live in a society with restricting norms and values, we tend to call all non main stream desires kinks or fetishes. I believe all sexual desires, kinks or fetishes can have a healthy place in your life. 

Sex is still for many people a topic difficult to discuss. Let alone open up to to your partner(s). What do you really want? What does your body want? And what does your sub-conscience secretly want?

If we are able to find a healthy place for our sexual desires, fetishes & kink in our lifes it will bring us happiness, fulfilment and peace. Next to countless hours of consensual, exciting and intens fun. 

My background

I have been a coach for the better part of 3 decades now. At a young age I coached sport teams, and in my professional life I worked as a coach / trainer at universities, international companies and for myself. In all those roles I had the intention to connect people to what they really want and dare to go there.

In a bullied youth I didn’t know how to connect to my surroundings so well, so I focussed on myself. Only when I understood my own feelings, emotions and wishes I started to reach out and connected to others.

. In the mean time I’ve been deepening those skills anyway I can. As a NLP Master I use countless behaviour studies, neuro science and my own extensive coaching experience and tantric, kink and vanilla experiences in helping others.

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