Kink, tantra & open relating

Arthur Pop

Welcome my friends, I’m Arthur

Open relating

Connection is everything, and I’m here to connect you to your true self including all your beautiful desires and relationships.. 

I help men, women and non-binary in all LGTB+ flavours to be their authentic self and relate to their partners the way they want. You will feel what you want, dare to admit that to yourself & others and act upon it. When you embrace all your desires you will find a healthy, loving & connected place in your life for them.

I already accept you as you are with open arms, love and acceptance. Now you.

As a behaviour expert with a background in NLP and neuroscience I intend to create real impact in your life and help you to embrace your sexuality in all forms.


You deserve to have a fulfilled sex life with room for all your desires. During coaching we will dive deeper into what you want and find a healthy and safe place for it in your life or lives.

Standard package

Create insight and clarity with the Standard Package.

In one month we create insight in what sexual desires, fetishes & kinks mean for you and give you ideas how to find a healthy place in your life for them.

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Full package

Go for real change in your life with the Full Package.

You get 3 months of full support to create change where you want it most.

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Awesome package

Choose the Awesome Package if you want a truly lasting impact in your life with fully incorporated sexual desires, fetishes & kinks.

You get 6 months of full support in your adventure to embrace your sexual desires, fetishes and kinks.

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Retreats for couples

Learn together how to find a healthy place for your desires, kink or fetish in your sex life

Every person in a relationship brings their own desires, their own needs, wants & fantasies and their own sexual profile. And with those all the experiences you gathered so far.

In a relationship you have the opportunity for an endless adventures full of experiences that will fulfil you both in multiple ways. To be able to do so you need to first understand your own desires, how to connect to them and express them to your partner.

During the retreats you will experience what it is to be free in your desires, what you like about your desires and what is possible in consensual, deeply connected fun. retreat

The values that matter to me

Everything is welcome

All, and I mean ALL your desires, fetishes and kinks are welcome!

Connection = everything

You need to connect to yourself and your own desires before you can really connect to others. Let the play begin. 😈

Sex = healthy

Almost everybody needs sex to be healthy, fulfilled and complete. Finding a healthy place for them in your life make you YOU!

Sexual energy is a life force

Sexual energy is much more than energy during sex, it can be a life force Tantra has taught the world just that. And who doesn’t want energetic sex, WHILE living out your deepest desires, fetishes & kinks. 😋

Masculinity vs femininity

If you look at porno there are many horrible examples of toxic masculinity & toxic femininity. I will show you how to use healthy masculinity & femininity in your sex life.

Want to know more about how I work?

What I have done so far


Coached more than 3000 people


Provide more than 15000 hours of training


Worked in more than 30 countries on 3 continents

Let’s meet

I want to talk about your desires, and the first 30 minutes are on me