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About Arthur

Arthur is a Master coach & trainer with extensive international experience. In the past 20+ years he:

  • Coached more than 2900 people
  • Provided more than 14500 hours training
  • Worked all over the word; a.i. Holland, UK, Belgium, Austria, Indonesia, Singapore delivering training and coaching in Dutch and English
  • Worked for 250+ local, national and international organisations
  • Worked in companies in almost every sector and in all sizes. From family owned business & massive multinationals to startups & scale ups. From software development to production factories

Through his experience Arthur knows that today knowledge can be found almost everywhere. Skills can be taught and learned by shear perseverance. However, the real long term effect can be achieved by changing something in behavior. During all training and mentoring sessions Arthur looks for a practical way to really change something, and goes beyond where good intentions and dreams end. He supports people, teams & companies to feel empowered, in charge and free.


The world is changing ever faster. Robotics and other new inventions will change the world like the internet or social media did before. If we want to or not, we have to change with it. Or even better, we want to change with it. If you want to succeed and be happy in your personal and business life we have to stay relevant and keep learning. Even more knowledge, improved or new skills and different behavior helps us cope with all these changes. 

During his training and coaching courses he finds a way to reach the goals focussing on all those three aspects. His mission is not only to teach new ways and help gain new skills, but actually really changing something. 

The subjects Arthur helped companies, departments and individuals with are very diverse. Recent topics are:

  • Personal leadership
  • (Executive) Management development
  • Cultural differences
  • Team development
  • Projectmanagement
  • Sales
  • And many, many more.

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I’ve been blessed with being in front of groups of people for more than 3 decades now. Be it as a trainer, DJ or speaker. Every time it’s partly about being authentic and connecting with the audience, time perfectly but entertaining where you can.

As a speaker my goal is to bring something tangible to the audience, something they can take home. I succeed if I can inspire and people will share their experience with others.

Praise for Arthur

Arthur is a dedicated, strong-minded coach and behavior expert. He communicates in a direct matter and with his enthusiasm, skills and people orientated approach he helps people to really achieve something. I know him as pleasant, trustworthy, inspiring and capable to tailor his approach according to the situation.


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